From Number Cruncher to Business Intelligence Rockstar Analyst.

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Once more, this time on Twitter, I was asked which is the path to become a Business Intelligence (BI) professional, this post will explain my way, I'm sure they're others.

First, let me tell you that they're many definitions on what a BI professional does, broadly I think this definition encompasses all: someone who turns data to insights that generate action.

My background:

I have spent most of my career in the finance area, recently I was hired by a company specialized in implementing and consulting BI and Financial Planning projects (

On my last two years of finance I did some training and gaining a lot of hands-on experience thanks to a supportive team and management that accepted my BI initiatives, this is the time where most of my learning happened.

My learning path:

I have done most of my courses through EdX, all of them are free, if you require the certificate, there is a cost (which can be waived), I will write what I think is the best order for them to take.:

1. Microsoft Excel for the Data Analyst (X Series Program): This program consists of three courses:

Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

Essential Statistics for Data Analysis using Excel: if you need a refresh/help on statistics, go to Khan Academy.

2. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

Hands-on experience:

Once you start finishing the courses, you will find ways of making your job easier and better, finish your job implementing a BI solution in your current position; fortunately a BI solution is desirable to top management.

It is essential that you also follow people that gives you ideas, also participate in the community of BI and be curious, there are many databases, lists on the internet waiting to be analyzed.

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