Deep Work - Cal Newport

Deep Work by Cal Newport was one of my favorite books of 2017 and probably one of the most influential I've ever read.

The firt time I heard Dr. newport was on his TED Talk name "Quit Social Media"

The ever-increasing need of being connected and "aware" of what is happening everywhere, everytime of every day is making us a generation which is not only less able to focus. This distracted world also negatively affects biological processes (like myelination) which halt our ability to make full use of all the potential we have in our brain.

Cal gives strategies to be able to focus more on things that matter, make wiser decisions on where we spend our time and energy to have the best ROI of them.

It is true that is quite complex that an average person can implement all of them, on the other hand, the awareness created by the author is by itself beneficial to identify conducts which need to be changed.

A must read.

Bellow, you will find my Goodreads notes on the book.

Cal Newport - Deep Work


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